Ski  Training Tutorial – part 2

All ski lessons are started with line of descend and the main ski stand. RAF Ski and Snowboard is trying to collect to you most useful tips for ski training.
Plow posture is suitable for beginners as it offers stability to the body. It is ensured by the fact that the center of gravity remains in your environment.
Once you grasp this position, you are ready for the next exercise.

Wearing skis
When you move down the slope, sometimes you have to wear skis. How to do it without hurting yourself or someone of nearby skiers and without damaging the skis?

A good way to carry skis is to put them on the shoulder with the tips forward. Direct the curved portion at the top down to 30-45 degrees. With other hand is comfortable to wear poles. When you turn, you make sure that you close to people not to hit skis.

Some backpacks have straps for attaching additional equipment. If available, you can put their skis there with the tops up. Tighten well, it is better to put a piece of rubber between the belt and skiing, to not slip.
In the beginning it is normal to feel a little hesitant gait, but ... do not worry, you’ll be quickly convened