Ski Training Tutorial – part 1

If you have not experienced the magic of uneventful flight ski slope accommodated is the time to fix this error.
In the next series of articles RAF Ski and Snowboard will offer you the basics of skiing. However, they do not replace the best ski teacher who is important to your safety during your first "steps" on skis. This is us, the rest depends on you ...

Line of descent
You probably heard about the line of descent, but if not, this is the straight path down the slope. An imaginary line descends straight down from the top. This is the natural path created by gravity, that would be rolled stone went down from above. If you go down on this line ypu will develop the highest possible speed for the slope.
Remember that the closer to the line of descent move, the greater will be your speed. As larger angle of descent towards the slope, the slower will be the descent.
Ski stand
Learning the main stand descent is one of the basics of the first ski lessons. Then with much greater ease you will master the ski walking, turning and movement up the slope. Moreover, taking the right posture will reduce the likelihood of falling, his first dives.

Standard stand for skiing is called plow. Posture is characterized by directing knees inward, so that the tips of the skis also point inward, forming the letter V.

Learning the stand will take no more than an hour. Start moderately inclined slope. Bend your knees slightly and put his hands on hips. Then try to collect the tops of the skis as close as possible. Their rear end should be dissolved. Balance the body.