The RAF Ski and Snowboard Championships are trying to provide safety and seamlessly conduct of competitions.
Dozens of injured skiers and snowboarders seeking the assistance of mountain rescue service daily. Unfortunately, growing and black statistics of deaths on the slopes.
Here are some rules adopted by the The RAF Ski and Snowboard Championships Ordinance for categorization of ski slopes that will allow you to enjoy the downhill, absolutely safe edible print:
1. Persons enjoying skiing or snowboarding should not endanger or impede its conduct other such persons, and to maintain the equipment in good working order.

2. Persons benefiting from skiing or snowboarding, speed account and how they travel with their abilities, peculiarities of the terrain, snow, weather conditions and traffic congestion. In areas characterized by workload and low visibility please move at reduced speed.
3. Persons benefiting from skiing or snowboarding, moving ahead, take precedence over those who are behind them. Moving back persons should not jeopardize in any way those before them, are moving at an appropriate distance.
4. When overtaking overtaking provides enough space for overtaking any intentional or unintentional movement of the latter.
5. Stopping in narrow stretches of track or tracks with reduced visibility is only allowed in extreme cases, it stops at the first opportunity immediately withdrawn.